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When I was very young, I wanted to be a teacher. I would force my younger brother to attend my make-believe school and would send report cards home to our mother. While he no doubt hated every minute of it, it taught me patience and empathy. Little did I know that my enthusiasm for teaching would later be the catalyst for my work in the community.

As time passed, I began to fall in love with the law. I recall listening to my grandfather’s stories (the ones he was allowed to share) about his time in the FBI – catching the “bad guys” and saving the day. I wanted to be just like him. Of course, I quickly realized that my rule of running (only when I was being chased) would not equip me with the necessary skill set to become an agent. Yet, armed with my grandfather’s stories and an appetite to do good, I marched on.

As journeys in life often do, my path to family law took many twists and turns. But, the one thing that stayed constant was my desire to help and empower others. Whether I was volunteering to paint in a local classroom, or teaching English to students in rural India, what truly brings me joy is helping those around me. I found this easily transitioned into a career in family law where I now help people through the most tumultuous times in their lives.

Divorce attorneys are not usually known as professionals who want to do “good” so I have embraced this challenge from the moment I knew my heart belonged in the law. I also accepted that things are not always black and white. Every family court case is unique in its own way because every relationship is different and every family is different. The opportunities to do good are endless.

I started my career as a judge’s law clerk which allowed me to not only observe but also be “hands on” in daily court proceedings, sometimes as many as 30 hearings in one day. I saw the process behind the court’s decisions and how each decision impacted a family. From the other side of the bench, I saw the need for a tenacious and compassionate attorney that could help people fight their battles and I made the transition to private practice.

As an attorney, I have learned more about patience and empathy than my brother could have ever taught me. I realized that emotional endurance is just as tough as physical endurance. Going through litigation can be difficult and isolating. No one should go through that alone. That is why I am here, so that you don’t have to. I am a guide for my clients, a shoulder to cry on, an advocate, and a creative fearless problem solver… doing “good” every chance I get.


  • Charlotte School of Law
  • Clemson University

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  • South Carolina

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  • Advocate at Elder Law Clinic

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