My Mom is a Music Addicted Legal Assassin

My Mom is a Music Addicted Legal Assassin

I made a few stops along the way on my journey before I landed in law school. I feel like a cat with 9 lives, only I was not losing lives along the way. Instead, I was gaining life experience. Every detour set me up for the next. This blog is my space to talk more

The Reality of Divorce

Robin Lalley sits down with Francene Marie of the Francene Marie Show to discuss the reality of divorce in America, and how it affects both the couple and their children.

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Charlotte-Based Sodoma Law Firm Expands to S.C.

Sodoma Law has expanded their horizons to three counties and two states, the most recent location being Sodoma Law York. Robin Lalley, the lead attorney for Sodoma Law York, and several other team members are now providing their services to Rock Hill and more

Sodoma Law Now in Rock Hill

Sodoma Law celebrates the opening of its fifth location in York County. Sodoma Law York is now open in the Rock Hill area, proudly serving North and South Carolina. See the Article and Ribbon more

Divorcing? When to Seek Legal Assistance

There is no exact time frame for seeking legal assistance, but like most things, the sooner the better is a good, general approach. Robin’s advice for this Charlotte Five article. Divorce - 5 Things To more