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Divorce can be a challenging time for families. At Sodoma Law SC, our tenacious divorce attorneys are prepared to serve the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Greenville communities with compassion and minimum stress. Our goal is to ensure that each client who walks through our doors does so with the feeling that they have control over their divorce, and their future. We foster a safe and supportive atmosphere for our clients by listening to them, being prepared and persistent advocates, and giving them the best options and opportunities available as we work towards the most helpful outcome for any dissolution of marriage. When you enlist our help, we promise to be your guides, as well as a firm family you can rely on.

Understanding South Carolina Divorce Law

There are five main grounds for divorce in South Carolina. Broadly, they can be split into fault-based and no-fault grounds.

Fault-Based Divorce

  • Adultery
  • Desertion for a period of one year
  • Physical cruelty
  • Habitual drunkenness

The experienced attorneys at Sodoma Law SC can help you understand what constitutes each ground for divorce. We understand that each case is as different as the individual we are serving, and our tenacious and prepared advocacy is designed to help our clients plan ahead for the next steps, regardless of what they might be.

No-Fault Divorce

  • Separation for one year

In South Carolina, a year-long physical separation is the basis for a no-fault divorce. With this type of divorce proceeding, no wrongdoing or fault needs to be shown to the court. The two parties seeking a divorce must live in separate domiciles, the separation must be continuous, intentional, and the period of separation must be the year immediately prior to the filing of the action. A third party is needed to verify this and serve as a witness at a hearing concerning the request for divorce.

Divorce and Residency

To initiate a divorce in South Carolina, a plaintiff must have resided in the state for at least one year before commencing the action. If the plaintiff is not a resident, then the defendant must have been a resident for at least one year. However, if both are currently South Carolina residents, there is only a three-month residency requirement.

The Sodoma Law Approach

At Sodoma Law SC, we recognize that divorce is more than a legal process; it is an emotional, mental, and financial one as well. It can impact children, extended families, and even communities in addition to the couple involved. We recognize that our clients may be dealing with anxiety and stress about their future, and we believe that each of their stories deserves to be heard. We operate as a tight-knit, compassionate firm family who is dedicated to client advocacy and making a plan specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

We see all kinds of divorce cases in South Carolina, from six-month marriages to decades-long relationships. We have managed contested custody battles, multimillion dollar marital estates, and simple amicable separations.

We know that divorce can make life feel overwhelming at times, so we do everything we can to involve them in our process and bring them peace of mind. Our attorneys strive to educate and empower clients so that they can maintain autonomy, and make the best decisions possible for their divorce and for their family. We strive to keep control in our clients’ hands, while remaining by their side to offer support, guidance, and legal advice relevant to their situations.

If you are contemplating divorce, or have been served with a divorce complaint, we are ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you create a plan for the future. The family law and divorce attorneys at Sodoma Law SC work with clients in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Greenville, and other surrounding South Carolina communities. We are at your service. Please Contact Us for more information.

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